Isabel Josefine Kovac

about myself


I was born in Leverkusen, Germany and live since quite a long time in Neuss where I started to spread my roots of my art to connect myself to others that share the same love for art as I do. I am an occupational therapist and I have worked and lived in Boston, USA  for about two years. My way to live has been influenced by the American culture and I am grateful I’ve got to bring it with me to include it into my german life.

Arts and crafts mean everything to me and I couldn’t exist without creating new life no matter how small it might be. I love to sew clothes, I like to work on soap stones, as well  as on any kind of wood crafts. Through my work I crossed the beautiful trade of basket weaving and bookbinding. Paper crafts and stamping  are important to me in a way of keeping old traditions alive and make friends happy by doing it for them. The art of making my own candles by melting old wax together and pouring it into different kind of shapes is an other hobby I love to carry.

Well one of my biggest passions is by far to draw and to paint. Drawing is the most calming occupation for me where I am able to  fade out my environment so I can focus only on me, my feelings and my art. The smooth feeling of holding a brush in my left hand while moving it up and down the paper is magical to me. I specialized  myself on pen art where I only draw with a simple pen. I like mostly about it that you cant remove anything after you have added it to the paper cuz its not removable. It brought me to the idea of accepting mistakes and not even seeing them as those. Out of every flaw you can create something that turns into something unique. Line by line is sitting next to each other or across themselves. Even a simple pen can be used very delicate or extremely bold. The combination of both makes the drawing so alive. Especially the wilderness of lines that go across and you can’t predict where their path will end.

It is important to me to share that my grandmother brought me to art and I will always know that she is my biggest supporter from early on till today.

Love, Bella



Kunstbörse Neuss – November 2018

Kunst Punkt Neuss – Januar 2019

In the end of the year I’ve been very lucky to be a part of an art exhibition which was my first one I have participated in. I don’t know where to begin to tell you how amazed I felt that weekend. I was so glad that about 45 people came to see my art. 37 of them were friends and family that supported me and showed up to show their interest about my art. It was so incredible to know how beloved and cared I am by good friends and of course my family. It was the first time that strangers got to see my art and it felt so special to me.     



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